• In this unit
    students are required to lead a group and reflect and evaluate this process.
    This activity
    requires students to select, apply and evaluate leadership strategies that
    contribute to the effective functioning of a group. The context we will use for this unit is through the sport of 'Touch'.

  • This unit requires students to apply theoretical knowledge of biophysical principles to learning a specific skill in a physical activity. The students will then apply their knowledge of the biophysical principles to help evaluate and analyse their learning of the skill and the interrelationship of these biophysical principles. 

  • Students will implement a training session and participate in at least 3 training sessions during classtime. Using their
    knowledge of principles of training and methods of training, they will evaluate
    the application of the relevant biophysical principles to the training program
    that they have developed, and submit a final report.

  • In this unit, students are to demonstrate performance of skills in two physical activities. Experience in each physical activity is developed through the teaching/learning programme.( no prior experience required). Possibilities include: Golf and Nordic Skiing, to name a few, which will be dependent on costs and class size constraints
  • In this unit, students are will be given the opportunity to plan and implement a physical activity event/opportunity. You will not be assessed on the event/opportunity itself, but on your examination of the implementation and outcomes.