Congratulations on having chosen Graphics as a Year 13 subject.

We are sure your choice will be rewarded with good results. This course uses Achievement Standards with a similar format to what you experienced last year.

With Achievement Standards, the down side is that if you are not prepared to work, you could walk away at the end of the year with absolutely no credits on your record of learning for Graphics.

Your programme of study has been designed in accordance with the Level 3 Graphics Achievement Standards which have been written to cover the Graphics Education Guidelines for Years 9-13.

Your credits will come from your satisfactory completion of two design assignments, covering three Achievement Standards with a possible credit accumulation of 15 Level Three credits.

The Level Three Achievement Standard assessment system is the same as the Level Two system in that you have to produce all the evidence that is asked for to gain credit.

You get a second chance to hand in work in again if it is not all correct the first time. This is called a re-submission and you will have one week from the time projects are handed back after marking to re-submit work.

In order to achieve a high level of competence in this course you will be expected to do a considerable amount of work at home in the form of homework and the projects themselves. Without this work you will find the course difficult and will struggle to achieve the high level we, and you, must expect.

Finally. You MUST work consistently ALL year to be successful. Both projects count towards your total end of year credit count and so must be completed to the required level. If you work effectively and consistently, I am sure this year will be successful and satisfying.

It is up to you!

Richard McNaught

Head of Graphics