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  • You have been told and shown this before but it is worth saying it again.

    The best thing you can do to help yourself is follow this link: . Once there look to your right and under the heading NCEA you will see the Subject tab. Click on this then click on History. Next scroll down to resources for external standards. Now click on Examination documents for which ever level you are studying at. Here you will find all the old exams and exemplars of student work.

    It is also worth looking at the assessment specifications and the assessment schedules and judgements. These provide valuable insight into how your work is marked.
  • King Phillip’s War – Conflict in the American North East in the 17th Century.

    This topic looks generally at the process of colonisation in the Americas and focuses specifically on the conflict in New England between Puritans and the Native American Indians.

    Assessments covered:

    91438: Analyse the causes and consequences of a significant historical event. – 6 (External)

  • The debate over the Strategic Bombing campaign of WWII

    This topic looks at the long running debate over the effectiveness and moral justification of the large scale bombing of German and Japanese cities during WWII.

    91437: Analyse different perspectives of a contested event of significance to New Zealanders. - 5 credits (Internal)

  • This topic examines the forces that were at play that drove Maori and Pakeha to resort to war in the 1860’s in an effort to achieve their goals.

    91439 Analyse a significant historical trend and the forces that influenced it - 6 credits (External)