In addition to the resources on MOODLE, you will receive a course manual at the start of each unit. If you are absent you will have the material you need to keep up to date. There are no excuses for falling behind.

Listed below are all the Level 3 Unit Standards on offer. The units are listed in approximate teaching order. Not all will be attempted but I expect 6 will be completed at the bare minimum. Because we don't need to revise for external examinations or sit practise exams, there is a higher credit total available in Level 3 Agriculture.

US 19103 Demonstrate knowledge of methods for promoting on-farm livestock health and health problems of livestockInformation
US 18 Demonstrate knowledge of animal anatomy and physiologyInformation
US 19101 - Demonstrate knowledge of pasture productionInformation
US 24628 Describe pasture supply and demand, feeds, and grazing systemsInformation
US 571 Demonstrate knowledge of wool productionInformation
US 24624 Demonstrate knowledge of cattle genetics and selectionInformation
US 19142 Describe the role of elements and fertilisers in primary production, and soil testingInformation
US 24543 Demonstrate knowledge of the formation, and factors which influence properties, of soils on-farmInformation
US 19087 -Demonstrate knowledge of calf rearing from birth to weaning.Information
US 24642 Describe sheep reproductive organs and cycles, and related management practicesInformation
US19082 - DKO cattle matingInformation