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Internal Assessment Resource

Subject Reference: Physical Education 3.1

Internal assessment resource reference number: PhysEd/3/1 E3

“Sliding and Riding”

Supports internal assessment for:

Achievement Standard 90739 version 2

Plan a physical activity programme or experience.

Credits: 3

Student Instructions Sheet

Read through all the information given to you before starting work. Make sure that

you understand what you are being asked to do and what level of performance will

be required for achievement, merit or excellence.

To gain this achievement standard you will plan an outdoor activity. You will need to

explain and apply comprehensive detailed and relevant information at various

stages throughout your planning.

The plan for the Ski Trip is for the Year 13 Outdoor Education class. You will need to negotiate the scope of your planned outdoor experience with your teacher.

Your completed assignment will be assessed against the following criteria:

Achievement Achievement with Merit Achievement with Excellence

• Apply knowledge to • Apply detailed knowledge • Apply comprehensive

produce a plan for a to produce a plan for a knowledge to produce a

physical activity physical activity plan for a physical activity

experience. experience. experience.

King’s High School

Activity Instruction

Task 1: Initial-planning for an Outdoor Activity Experience

– Purpose of the Ski Trip

(Due Monday - Week 3 – Term 2)

a. You are to write a Mission Statement about the trip.

State clearly what you see as the purpose of the Ski Trip and outline what you intend to achieve in, or as a result of Skiing or Snowboarding that you are planning.

b. You are to make a questionnaire and get the Year 13 OE class to fill in this to see what they want and what the need is for this Sliding Trip.

Consider the people going on the trip and find out from them what they are interested in doing and what limitations they may have on their involvement. (Limitations may refer to the participant’s ability, experience, special needs, health, money, time available, resources available and interests.)

You are to analysis the Questionnaire in relation to the above limitations.

Retain evidence of all relevant material collected and document your involvement at each stage of the plan. Present it in a logical and effectively organised portfolio (e.g. clear file).

Task 2: Applying comprehensive and detailed knowledge to produce the plan

– Pre Planning.

(Due Monday - Week 6 – Term 2)

PART 2: Pre Planning

Identify knowledge you will need to apply to develop the plan.

a. Brainstorm to identify the key tasks that you need to do to develop a workable plan for your outdoor activity experience.

b. Break down each key task into specific steps by deciding what you need to do to complete the task. List the key tasks and their steps and outline how you will go about them.

c. Establish a time line for the completion of tasks.

d. Develop an appropriate format for your plan so it is workable and easy to follow.

In your planning process you should consider the following logistical details and apply your knowledge of these to the planning process:

· Prevailing weather conditions

· Participants (fears, strengths, weaknesses, goals)

· Safety - SAPS

· Equipment

· Food

· Leadership/job descriptions

· Budget

· Location – which Hill, Accommodation, Bus, Food, Etc

· Dates

· Communication

· Covering letter, Student Contract, Medical Forms, etc

· Plan B if the weather is bad

In your planning process you should consider the following areas, and apply your knowledge of these to the planning process:

Considerations Logistical factors

Participants, Leadership/job descriptions, Activity Budget, Location, Prevailing conditions, Resources, Communication, Needs and experience, Safety,

Environmental impact, Transport, Accommodation, Food, Plan B if the weather is bad.

Task 3: The final product

- The Plan

(Due Monday – Week 9 – Term 2)

Your final plan will need to be a comprehensive and detailed plan that could be picked up and used by another student. This should include all the relevant information you have collected and considered. Your final plan should clearly show your planning for all the above considerations and logistical factors.

You must submit your own individual plan with evidence of your own contribution in sections where you have worked collaboratively with your group. Evidence (eg: Part 2 notes, research notes, bibliography, web site information and any other relevant resources referred to) should be kept in a clear file and handed in with the final plan.

You are to write a timeline of when everything should happen from the booking of the mountain/accommodation/food to the final stop for food on the way home. In this timeline all info needs to be added, so that someone else could pick up the info and run with it. You also need to write 3 achievable goals for the trip, writing down when and how you are going to achieve these.

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