Course Outline
AS 91331 Examine the significance for self, others and society of a sporting event, a physical activity, or a festival
Course Outline

  • People credited with this unit standard are able to: prepare for mountain biking, and complete mountain bike rides, on intermediate to expert terrain.

  • This activity requires students to apply risk management strategies to surfing. Students engage in ongoing reflection throughout the unit of work and during the surfing, and are expected to adapt their risk management strategies as a result. Strategies must be relevant to the identified risks.

    A challenging activity is one in which a student is required to demonstrate personal competence in a risky situation.

  • In this unit, students are to demonstrate performance of skills in three physical activities. Experience in each physical activity is developed through the teaching/learning programme.( no prior experience required). The class will be assessed in the following activities, Surfing, Mountain Biking and Ice Hockey.

  • Thisassessment activity requires you to participate in a variety of physicalactivities/themed learning blocks and to apply Don Hellison’s Model of SocialResponsibility in each of them.

    You willbe observed interacting and leading in practical settings at different stagesthroughout the year. Your level of social responsibility will be assessed by agroup of fellow students and an adult leader from the school or community.These assessments will be verified by your teacher.

    You willbe assessed on the level of self-direction and reflection that you consistentlyapply to:

    · your behaviour

    · your involvement in different physical activitycontexts

    · your involvement in wider school and/or community life.

    and onthe extent to which you act as a model for others in leadership, helping themto make responsible decisions about their behaviour and involvement in physicalactivity contexts and in wider life.

  • Thisassessment activity requires you to take part in the Ski Trip to Ohau and, drawing on your own experience andresearch, to develop a presentation that examines the significance of theactivity for self, others and society.

    Your presentation may be in the form of:

    · Aseminar or talk supported by visuals such as PowerPoint slides, video clips,audio clips, or a photomontage.

    · Adocumentary (using a movie-making application) with supporting evidence thatcould include, but is not limited to, students’ voices, teachers’ voices,parents’ voices, and the community voice.

    · Aletter to, or article for, a sports magazine.

    You willbe assessed on the thoroughness of your explanations, how well you support yourexplanations with evidence and examples, and how well you explain theinterrelationships between different factors.