• This course covers work to meet the requirements for
    up to 19 credits in Outdoor Education towards the National Certificate of
    Educational Achievement (NCEA). These actual units of work and timing of
    assessments are explained on the attached sheets contained within. 

  • Unit 1: Participate Actively.

    achievement standard involves participating actively in a variety of physical
    activities over an extended period of time and reflecting in an ongoing manner
    on factors that influence your participation. Specific content includes factors
    affecting participation in physical activity, health related fitness
    assessment, and training methods. Practical work will include competitive
    sports (ultimate Frisbee, mountain biking), non-competitive leisure activities
    (surfing) and adventure based learning activities.

  • Unit 2: Knowledge of body function.

    activity requires students to participate in an ice orientated Outdoor
    Education programme that enables them to deconstruct skills within
    curling, skating and ice hockey and to be able to demonstrate comprehensive
    understanding of how the body functions in the performance of specific

  • Unit 4: Examine quality movement in physical

    achievement standard involves examining strategies that influence the
    performance of a physical activity, and applying knowledge for performance
    improvement. The assessment involves you to evaluate your own performance in relation
    to identified factors that may influence the quality of performance of outdoor
    games activities.

    This unit is combined with Unit 3.

  • Unit 3: Moving well in physical activity.

    achievement standard involves demonstrating quality movement in the performance
    of a physical activity. We examine ways of measuring the quality of
    performance, as well as safety and risk management in physical activity. The
    activity focus for this unit will be outdoor game activities such as hacky,
    poi, juggling and devil sticks.

  • Unit 5: Safety in physical activity.

    achievement standard involves the student demonstrating and describing
    responsible behaviours during outdoor education. Students are required to both
    evaluate and demonstrate responsible behaviour for participants physical and or
    emotional safety. The assessment involves aspects such as cooperation with
    others, self management, compliance with instructions and care of equipment.
    Practical work will include a range of outdoor education activities.