• The Next Steps 2012   Year 11  Mathematics Programme

    Next year, with the first stage in the standards alignment underway, the alternative course for year 11 will be focussed on meeting the numeracy requirements for NCEA. At King’s we will be offering the Next Steps programme again after a successful year in 2011. This is a small class that offers individualised learning for the students based on their skills, career interests and supporting subjects.

    The new system requires students to show mathematical competence in the context of supporting subjects. Evidence needs to be gathered in a variety of settings, throughout the year. This is a move away from the more traditional tests and towards the composition of a portfolio of work that is all internally assessed.

    The evidence gathered by the student in his Curriculum Level 5 Course, recent Year 10 examinations and Asttle testing is used to select suitable candidates for the Next Steps Course. This is a decision made with the school and the parents as it impacts on future options with NCEA.

    To obtain the Numeracy at Level 1 component the boys must complete the following. See course outline.