• Introduction to Drawing

    All students will Begin the year completing a series of drawing activities.

    1. Use a variety of mark making to communicate weight, Dark & light, Form and surface/texture.
    2. Create tonal gradient using graphite, and crayon.
    3. Use tonal modeling to render a sphere, cylinder, and cone.
  •  Self Portrait drawing                                             FOCUS SubjectStrands PK DI

    This unit of work focuses on student gaining practical knowledge in drawing. Student will learn how to use an enlargement technique to transfer photographic information. Students will focus on accuracy and observational skill, building up a portrait that demonstrates a likeness to themselves. Student will learn and develop control with graphite pencil media to communicate tone.
  • Identity shields                                                                      FOCUS Subject Strands UC PK DI CI 

    This unit has a focus of students beginning to learn how research underpins the making of Art, using their own personal stories.
    This will involve researching their own cultural heritage/geneology/whakapapa.
    From these stories students will need to develop images that summarise key points.
    Colour conventions and fundamental painting techniques are taught.
  • Woodblock Portrait Unit                                                       FOCUS Subject Strands PK DI

    Students will look at their own image from a photographic and use drawing that exploresline in preparation for Woodcutting.

    Students will understand and apply Woodcutting process to produce a one colour reduction Woodcut Print.

  •  Killeen cutouts                                                         FOCUS Subject Strands UC PK DI CI

    Students will discuss and analysis the work of New Zealand Artist Richard Killeen, Jeff Thompson, and traditional Kowhaihai and Tukutuku patterns. They will identify iconography, objects and patterns, and understand the use of these to construct narratives, ideas and/ or statements.

    Student will produce a series of related outcomes, with thefinal outcomes being a “Killeen cutout” a painting.