• This course covers work to meet the requirements for
    up to 19 credits in Outdoor Education towards the National Certificate of
    Educational Achievement (NCEA). These actual units of work and timing of
    assessments are explained on the attached sheets contained within. 

  • Unit 1: Planning towards Fitness.

    In this
    unit assesses student’s ability to plan an 8-week training programme for a
    physical activity or experience. Specific topics include event planning,
    well-being, principles and methods of training, time management, diet/nutrition,
    physiological and psychological aspects of training. This unit is based around
    you participating in an Army fitness test (RFL) consisting of 2400m run, curl
    ups and press ups, to be held towards the end of Term 1.

  • Unit 2: Evaluating Performance Improvement.

    unit requires participation in, and review of a personal activity programme or
    experience that relates to a personal definition of hauora (RFL). This
    assessment activity follows on from planning a training programme (AS 3.1).
    Students will be evaluating the effectiveness of the overall improvement
    programme in relation to predetermined performance goals for the RFL.

  • Unit 3: Quality physical performance.

    In this
    unit, students are to demonstrate performance of a physical activity against
    national standards. Development of skills and game play in each physical
    activity is developed through a teaching and learning programme so no prior
    experience is required. Activities are: RFL (Term 1) and Golf (Term 3),
    dependent on cost and class size constraints.

  • Unit 4: Improving skill performance.

    In this
    unit students are required to evaluate performance in a physical activity.
    Using pre and post tests as a measure, you will plan and participate in a
    skill-learning programme. You will then evaluate the effectiveness of the
    programme in improving your performance in the chosen activity.

    activity focus for this unit will be badminton or golf, although a number of
    other activities may be considered. This unit will run in connection with
    assessment for Sports performance (PE 3.4). 

  • Unit 5: Participation in physical activity.

    In this
    unit students are required to examine factors that influence participation in
    physical activity and take action to influence participation of others.

    You will
    investigate influences on participation of activities in the community, and
    then identify the action you will take to encourage participation in such
    activities. Finally you will evaluate the success and significance of your
    action. Activities are to be based on interest or a gap in opportunity a King’s
    High School. Examples may include: organising an event, e.g. school Junior
    House competitions, expeditions, lunchtime activities or similair.